Abortion Legalized in Northern Ireland

The British government has pressed ahead with the legalization of abortion in Northern Ireland. A right of access to abortion was included in the Northern Ireland (Executive Formation) Act 2019, which passed into law last October, and a legal framework for abortion provision was announced March 25. It allows abortion on demand in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, abortions up to 24 weeks for undefined mental or physical health reasons, and abortion up to birth if the fetus is considered to be disabled. Read more...

Mississippi Governor Cancels Abortions During Crisis

Gov. Tate Reeves promised to take action against the state's lone abortion clinic if it continues to provide abortions during the coronavirus pandemic. Reeves has worked for years to limit and end abortion in Mississippi. He told reporters at a press conference that he considers abortion an elective  […]

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Coronavirus Stops Abortions in Texas

Citing the need to preserve health care capacity for COVID-19 patients, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said that abortions should not be performed unless the mother's life is in danger. The warning comes one day after Gov. Greg Abbott ordered health care facilities and professionals to postpone  […]

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Mandatory Ultrasound Bill Dies in Utah

A controversial state bill to require ultrasounds before an abortion died without a final vote, days after all six of Utah’s female senators — both Republican and Democratic — made national news by walking out of their chamber to protest the measure. The legislation has been in limbo between the  […]

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Supreme Court Hears Louisiana Abortion Case

The U.S. Supreme Court appeared divided on the fate of a Louisiana abortion law as abortion rights advocates voiced their concerns outside the court on one side and anti-abortion activists on the other. The law requires doctors who perform abortions to have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital.  […]

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Schumer Threatens Court Justices

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer on Wednesday warned Supreme Court Justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh that they will "pay the price" if they take a position he disagrees with in deciding a case that addresses the credentials required for doctors who perform abortions. "I  […]

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Florida County Eyes Becoming 'Pro-Life Sanctuary'

The abortion debate raging at the national and state levels trickled down to the local level as the Santa Rosa County Commission took on a resolution that could declare the county Florida's first "pro-life sanctuary." After more than two hours of public forum input, most of which was from  […]

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Kansas Pro-Life Amendment Fails

An effort to place a referendum on the Kansas ballot clarifying that abortion is not a constitutional right fell four votes short of the support needed in the House of Representatives. If it had been approved, the proposed referendum would have asked voters throughout the state in August if they  […]

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Tennessee Governor to Push Pro-Life Legislation

Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee plans to push comprehensive pro-life legislation to effectively end abortion in Tennessee. Lee said in a press conference on Thursday morning he will support a bill that would prohibit abortions as soon as a heartbeat can be detected. The legislation would make Tennessee one  […]

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California's Abortion Coverage Rule Declared Illegal

In the latest clash between the Trump administration and California, federal health officials said the Golden State's requirement that all health insurers in the state provide coverage for abortions violates federal law and could result in a loss of federal funding. Gov. Gavin Newsom dismissed the  […]

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