Pro-Life Activists Are Punished for Exposing Planned Parenthood

A jury in San Francisco district court has found pro-life activists David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt guilty of conspiracy to commit fraud, breach of contract, and trespass and violation of state and federal recording laws. Daleiden, Merritt, and their Center for Medical Progress obtained undercover footage of abortion-industry workers, including from Planned Parenthood, discussing arrangements to illegally profit from the fetal body parts of aborted babies. Read more...

Lawsuit Fights NY Law Targeting Pro-Lifers

Several pro-life organizations announced Monday that they are filing a lawsuit against New York Democrat Gov. Andrew Cuomo for signing a new law they say will force them to employ workers who oppose their religious values and pro-life mission. Senate Bill S660 forbids employers from engaging in  […]

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Ohio Lawmakers Eye Total Abortion Ban

A new bill sponsored by two Republican Ohio lawmakers would completely end the practice of abortion in the state — a sweeping measure one local abortion rights advocate said "would strip every person who can get pregnant of their bodily autonomy." State Reps. Ron Hood and Candice Keller  […]

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Christian College Blocks Pro-Life Display

A Christian college has refused to allow a display of crosses that honor and represent abortion victims, saying such a display would be "divisive." Rocky Mountain College told the campus group Young Americans for Freedom it could not put up the cross display. Emily Kokot, treasurer and  […]

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Documentary Examines Links Between Satanism and Abortion

The intersection of pro-abortion zealotry and self-avowed Satanists is a natural result of both groups' shared belief in "autonomy" at any cost, according to a harrowing new documentary by the pro-life group Created Equal. Created Equal released Abortion: A Doctrine of Demons, a roughly  […]

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Lesbian Episcopal 'Priest' Heads National Abortion Federation

The National Abortion Federation (NAF) has announced that its new president and CEO is Katherine Ragsdale, a lesbian Episcopal "priest" and longtime abortion activist. "Abortion providers are some of my personal heroes and modern-day saints," Ragsdale said when the news was  […]

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Senate Bill Could Blacklist Pro-Life Groups

A pro-life group is warning Senators that a proposed government funding bill could "blacklist" pro-life groups while funding promoters of abortion. In an Oct. 30 letter to senators, March for Life Action warned that language in a mini omnibus (minibus) funding bill, H.R. 2740, "would  […]

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Kansas Eyes Constitutional Amendment on Abortion

The Special Committee on Federal and State Affairs has made a recommendation to the legislature that could change the Constitution of Kansas to potentially outlaw abortion. In April, the Kansas Supreme Court upheld the state Constitution which gives a woman the right to decide whether to continue  […]

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Pregnant College Students Need to Know Their Rights

As many pregnant students say they face pressure to have abortions to advance their education and careers, one pro-life group has released a "bill of rights" to help pregnant and parenting students protect their futures. "The goal of schools should be to assist students, no matter  […]

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