Pro-Life Movement Has Achieved Victory, But Not Yet Justice

Children will now have protection in some states, but in the bigger picture, we are just getting started. To send abortion to the states is not full justice. No state, whether pro-life or pro-abortion, should get to decide whether children live or die. The right to life—the most basic human right—is universal and absolute. Children in the womb are human beings. The science is conclusive. Human life doesn't begin at birth. It begins before birth at the moment of fertilization. No one has the right to decide whether an innocent person gets to live or die. Read more...

A State-by-State Breakdown of Abortion Laws

Abortion laws and restrictions vary by state and, now the federal protection has been overturned, abortion will not be accessible everywhere in the U.S. Some states have trigger laws in place that immediately ban abortion once Roe was overturned. Others guarantee the right to an abortion via laws or  […]

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Hackers Target Pro-Lifers, Hit States With Anti-Abortion Laws

A hacking group is targeting pro-life supporters and states with anti-abortion laws in the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn the landmark ruling that recognized the constitutional right to abortion. SiegedSec claimed it victimized Arkansas and Kentucky and took government  […]

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What's Next for the Pro-Life Movement?

The people in this movement have fought for decades to reach this moment. They just have to decide what to do now. Nathan Berning is one of many abortion opponents who wants, more than anything, to see a substantial expansion of the social safety net. I talked with a dozen others like him—people who  […]

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Transitioning to a More Life-Affirming Culture

The pro-life community and legislators will need to expand services to mothers and families as Texas did. Programs like SFLA's Standing with You will be even more vital for women seeking information about federal, state and local programs already in place. Still, this transition to a more  […]

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Dana Hall McCain: A New Chapter in the Pro-Life Movement

If we in red state America fail to treat women and children with the compassion and care we have always promised as we advocated for an end to abortion, that failure will be highlighted and leveraged by abortion proponents to influence purple states. If the pro-life community shows a lack of empathy  […]

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The left Is Furious; They Ought to Be Contrite

Maybe it’s time everyone slowed down and looked at Roe for what it was. It was legal malpractice of the highest order that disenfranchised hundreds of millions of Americans by rationalizing that the Constitution had settled the question of abortion. An issue that rightly belonged in state  […]

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Supreme Court Overturns Roe v. Wade in Landmark Opinion

The Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, effectively ending recognition of a constitutional right to abortion and giving individual states the power to allow, limit, or ban the practice altogether. The ruling came in the court's opinion in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, which  […]

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Pro-Lifer Sued for Calling Abortion 'Murder'

The Texas Supreme Court has decided to take up a pair of defamation cases against a pro-life activist over the legality of calling abortion "murder." In 2020, three abortion funds — the Lilith Fund, Texas Equal Access Fund, and the Afiya Center — sued Mark Lee Dickson, founder of the  […]

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Pro-Life Dems Warn Party on Its Extreme Abortion Stance

As much of the country awaits a US Supreme Court decision that could overturn Roe v. Wade, national democrats are calling for a focus on abortion rights during midterm election campaigns. But some in the party call that the wrong move. Currently there are just two democrats in Congress who oppose  […]

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