Tennessee House Passes Fetal Burial Bill

Medical providers in Tennessee would be required to cremate or bury fetal remains from surgical abortions under legislation advanced by the GOP-controlled House. The proposal has sparked criticism among reproductive rights advocates, who argue such measures — which have been enacted in other Republican-majority states — are unnecessary and would stigmatize a legally available procedure. However, supporters of the bill argue that it will protect human dignity. "It's not fetal tissue, it's dismembered children," said Rep. Robin Smith, a Republican from Hixson. Read more...

Aiming for a Challenge to Roe v. Wade?

In 2021, 44 states introduced more than 470 measures aimed at limiting abortion, an increase over previous years. The initiatives are multifaceted. One of the seven abortion bills recently passed by the Texas Senate bans abortions as early as six weeks into a pregnancy. An Indiana law prohibits the  […]

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Indiana Law Requires Notorized Parental Consent

A bill that would require minors to clear an additional hurdle to get an abortion is on its way to Gov. Eric Holcomb's desk for consideration. Under House Bill 1577, parents would have to get their signatures notarized after signing permission slips for their minor children to receive abortions. The  […]

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Missouri Senate Drops Amendment That Would Fund Abortions

Key Republicans are lobbying fellow GOP lawmakers to nix an amendment attached to a Senate bill relating to Medicaid taxes hospitals pay that would bar the use of public money for "contraceptive treatments," including abortion. Majority Floor Leader Sen. Caleb Rowden, Columbia, Senate  […]

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West Virginia Passes Abortion Pill Reversal Bill

The Second Chances at Life Act (HB 2982/SB 609) successfully passed in the West Virginia Senate. The bill will require that a woman be informed that the effects of the chemical abortion pill can be reversed to save her baby if she changes her mind after taking it. More than 40 percent of all  […]

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Judgette Blocks Ohio Burial Law

A judge temporarily blocked enforcement of an Ohio law that would require fetal remains from surgical abortions to be cremated or buried, agreeing that a lack of rules makes complying unworkable for clinics. Hamilton County Common Pleas Judge Alison Hatheway's decision came a day before the law was  […]

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Utah Dads to Pay Half of Pregnancy Costs

Biological fathers in Utah will be legally required to pay half of a woman's out-of-pocket pregnancy costs under a new law unique to the state that critics say doesn't do enough to adequately address maternal healthcare needs. The bill's sponsor has presented the measure as an effort to decrease the  […]

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Kentucky Puts Abortion Amendment on the Ballot

Pro-life supporters were thankful and pleased with the Senate passage of a constitutional amendment on abortion that puts the issue in the hands of Kentucky citizens. House Bill 91 is one sentence, but it speaks volumes and the Senate recognized that by passing it in the last hours of the 2021  […]

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Texas Senate Passes 6 Pro-Life Bills

The Texas Senate approved six anti-abortion bills, including a proposal that would outlaw the procedure once a fetal heartbeat is detected, typically before a woman is aware she is pregnant, and another that effectively bans the procedure all together. The second measure would become law if the  […]

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SD Gov. Noen Signs 4 Pro-Life Bills

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noen signed four pro-life bills into law, including HB 1110, which bans abortion based on a diagnosis of Down Syndrome. "The Declaration of Independence summarizes what we all know in our hearts to be true: God created each of us and endowed all of us with the right to  […]

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