Kentucky House Advances Amendment on Abortion

The House passed a proposed constitutional amendment by a wide margin Thursday to declare there is no right to an abortion in Kentucky, the second consecutive year the chamber passed the legislation. House Bill 91, sponsored by Rep. Joe Fischer, R-Ft. Thomas, passed by a 76-20 vote, a slightly larger margin than the House vote last year. The legislation seeks to create a new section to the Kentucky constitution declaring: "To protect human life, nothing in this Constitution shall be construed to secure or protect a right to abortion or require the funding of abortion." Read more...

Governor Signs South Dakota 'Born Alive' Law

A bill that would require doctors to give babies who are delivered out of attempted abortion the same care they would to babies born in other ways was signed into law. House Bill 1051 would require doctors to provide medical care to babies born out of abortions and could penalize them for failing to  […]

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Arkansas Senate Passes Abortion Ban

A bill that would ban nearly all abortions in Arkansas advanced through the Senate. The Arkansas Unborn Child Protection Act will ban abortions unless it's to save a mother's life. Despite the emotional debate to include exceptions for rape and incest victims, Arkansas senators passed this pro-life,  […]

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North Dakota House Rejects Abortion Ban

The North Dakota House of Representatives overwhelmingly rejected a bill that would have made performing an abortion legally akin to murdering an unborn child. Under House Bill 1313, someone found to have performed an abortion, other than to save the life of the mother, would have been guilty of a  […]

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South Carolina Passes 'Heartbeat' Bill

The South Carolina House overwhelmingly passed a bill banning nearly all abortions, following the lead of other states with similar measures that would go into effect if the U.S. Supreme Court were to overturn Roe v. Wade. The bill faces a final procedural vote in the House on Thursday that is  […]

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South Dakota Downs Syndrome Bill Advances

A bill introduced by the Governor's Office to ban abortions based on the diagnosis of Down syndrome is moving forward after advocates from around the country testified in support of the bill. House Bill 1110 would criminalize those who conduct abortions they know are requested because the unborn  […]

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Kentucky Pro-Life Constitutional Amendment Advances

A proposed pro-life constitutional amendment passed its first legislative hurdle, winning passage from a House committee. Members of the Elections, Constitutional Amendments, and Intergovernmental Affairs Committee approved the bill on an 11-3 vote. Rep. Joseph Fischer, R-Ft. Thomas, is the sponsor  […]

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Abortion Isn't Health Care — Not Even Close

Far from being health care, abortion means the death sentence to the living, human being who is killed by it. Word games and obfuscation to the contrary, the fetus is not "potential life," but life with potential; nor is he or she a "potential human," but a human with potential.  […]

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Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act Fails Again

Failure to pass the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act "shows just how extreme the majority of Senate Democrats are," said Carol Tobias, president of National Right to Life. The measure was proposed as an amendment to the 2021 Budget Resolution in the Senate. In a roll call vote  […]

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Arizona Lawmakers Renew Push to Criminalize Abortions

An Arizona bill proposed on the 48th anniversary of the landmark Roe v. Wade ruling is among the most direct challenges to Roe in nearly half a century: It calls for the decision to be ignored altogether. Arizona has some of the nation's most restrictive abortion laws and has three that criminalize  […]

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