Judge Says Doctors Can Argue Abortion Is Not Health Care

A Teton County judge is allowing four pro-life doctors to argue in court that abortion is not health care. Judge Melissa Owens filed an order last week allowing Wyoming Drs. Timothy Hallinan and David M. Lind (both retired), and Drs. Michale Nelson and Samantha Michelena to file an amicus brief in a lawsuit seeking to overturn the Wyoming’s two abortion bans. The pro-life amicus brief consists of four Wyoming doctors arguing that abortion is not health care, and that the plaintiffs’ ideas about obstetrics would impose a one-patient paradigm, rather than an obstetrician’s concern for two patients in a pregnancy, and radically change health care in Wyoming. Read more...

Man Pleads Guilty to Firebombing Wisconsin Pro-Life Group

A 29-year-old Wisconsin man, Hridindu Sankar Roychowdhury, has pleaded guilty to the May 2022 firebombing of a Madison office building. Roychowdhury, also of Madison, admitted to attempting to cause damage by means of fire or an explosive. Roychowdhury's guilty plea relates to the firebombing of the  […]

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Clinic Fights for The Right to Offer Abortion Pill Reversal

Bella Health and Wellness started as an OB-GYN practice founded by a mother and daughter, both practicing Catholics and nurse practitioners, who were inspired to open a pro-life, faith-based medical clinic. The clinic has expanded into family medicine and now serves thousands of patients. Why would  […]

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Post-Abortion Women: They Regret It

A research paper that studied post-abortion women across the globe concluded what many already know: Terminating a pregnancy leads to depression. The study, which was performed by Ethiopian medical researchers, concluded there is strong evidence women who experience abortions suffer psychological  […]

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Pro-Life Groups Look to Courts, Statehouses for Path Forward

Anti-abortion groups are firing off a warning shot for 2024: We're not going anywhere. Their leaders say they're undeterred by recent election setbacks and plan to plow ahead on what they've done for years, including working through state legislatures, federal agencies, and federal courts to outlaw  […]

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Pro-Life Laws Have Saved Tens of Thousands of Lives

A new analysis of birth data published by the Institute of Labor Economics in Germany provides powerful statistical evidence that post-Dobbs pro-life laws have saved tens of thousands of lives. This study analyzed U.S. birth data from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) up to June 2023. It found  […]

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How Do You Convince the Other Side Baby Killing Is Bad?

Among staunch pro-life activists, however, the only fear expressed after Ohio ballot Issue 1 passed was for the abortion supporters who hugged each other and wildly cheered its passage. "The sound of cheering the right to dismember and mutilate infants in the womb is the sound of hell,"  […]

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Ohio Votes to Enshrine Reproductive Rights Into State Constitution

Ohio voters approved a constitutional amendment that ensures access to abortion and other forms of reproductive health care, the latest victory for abortion rights supporters since the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade last year. Ohio became the seventh state where voters decided to protect  […]

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Ohio Abortion Supporters Outraise Pro-Life Side 3 to 1

Supporters of the effort to enshrine a right to abortion in the Ohio Constitution outraised their pro-life opponents by a margin of nearly 3 to 1 in recent months, mostly with out-of-state funds by large donors, according to financial filings. Ohioans United for Reproductive Rights received about  […]

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