South Carolina Lawmakers Fail to Pass Stricter Abortion Laws

Abortion laws in South Carolina almost certainly won’t get more restrictive, after Republicans in the General Assembly could not agree on a total ban on the procedure during a special legislative session. South Carolina was for decades at the forefront of more restrictive abortion laws that challenged Roe v. Wade even before the landmark case was overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court this summer. The state requires ultrasounds, parental consent and 24-hour waiting periods before abortions. But when faced with the real-world consequences of bans that have played out in the other states, some Republicans in South Carolina paused at the brink. Read more...

Republican Candidate Tests a Novel Strategy on Abortion

April Becker doesn't want to talk about abortion. As Democrats seek to make the November elections a referendum on Republican efforts to restrict abortion rights, the GOP nominee challenging Democratic Rep. Susie Lee in a competitive House district in Nevada is pursuing a highly unusual strategy:  […]

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Attacks On Pregnancy Centers Ignore Who Is Really Lying To Women

Democrats’ attacks on pregnancy centers and clinics reveal just how wicked their motives are when you consider how millions of women facing unplanned pregnancies are served every year by these community-based, nonprofit organizations. The National Institute of Family & Life Advocates (NIFLA)  […]

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Lindsey Graham's Abortion Ban Stuns Senate GOP

Lindsey Graham’s anti-abortion legislation once unified the Republican Party. The 15-week abortion ban he pitched had the exact opposite effect. The South Carolina senator chose a uniquely tense moment to unveil his party’s first bill limiting abortion access since this summer’s watershed reversal  […]

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Michigan Gives Voters a Chance to Protect Abortion Rights

After a months-long legal back-and-forth, Michigan voters will get to decide whether the state should preserve the right to a legal abortion this November. It’s a double-whammy loss for abortion foes. Polling shows strong support for the ballot measure, which after the overturn of Roe v. Wade would  […]

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Woman Says Pro-Life Pregnancy Center Saved Her Life

As Democratic politicians continue to claim that crisis pregnancy centers harm women through lies and coercion, one woman has credited such an organization with saving her life. The targeting of pregnancy centers does not sit well with Gina Marie, a mother who has been helped greatly by a pro-life  […]

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Pro-Abortion MDs Want Media to Cancel Pro-Life Voices

The media already mostly ignores anti-assisted-suicide voices in its biased reporting on that issue. Now, Physicians for Reproductive Health — an organization of pro-abortion medical and non-medical activists — is pushing the media to ban all pro-life voices from its reporting on abortion. This call  […]

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Pro-Life Legislation and the Pain of Compromise

Just a few months ago, mandatory sonograms and waiting periods for those seeking abortions were the best we could do to protect life under Roe. If we could save even one life, we tried to do so. Our challenge today is that, at this point in America's history, we have to work incrementally by  […]

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OB/GYNs Push to Correct Post-Roe Media Disinformation

Pro-life baby doctors are taking the unusual move to correct unchallenged claims in the media that the Supreme Court's Dobbs decision will undermine pregnancy care and lead to a surge in deaths. The 7,000-member American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists, or AAPLOG, told  […]

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Pro-Life 'Trigger' Laws Take Effect in Idaho, Tennessee, Texas

Life is now officially protected in three more states. Idaho, Tennessee, and Texas have anti-abortion "trigger" laws — pro-life laws restricting abortion — that went into effect. The three states are among more than a dozen states to pass trigger laws protecting the unborn that would take  […]

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