AZ Supreme Court Upholds 1864 Law Banning Nearly All Abortions

The Arizona Supreme Court ruled that an 1864 territorial law on abortion, which bans the procedure in almost all circumstances, is enforceable, due to no state law permitting the procedure following the overturn of federal abortion protections two years ago. In a 4-2 decision, the majority ruled that an abortion law passed in 2022, prior to the federal Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade, is not enough to keep abortion rights intact. That law, the state's high court explained, regulated abortion rights in the state based on past federal standards, and was not a proactive statute enshrining abortion rights. Read more...

Pro-Lifers Sound Alarm on 'Extreme' Florida Abortion Vote

The Florida Supreme Court ruled that a ballot measure enshrining abortion into the state’s constitution can be voted on in November which prominent pro-life advocates tell Fox News Digital will involve a "misleading" playbook that is too "extreme" for Florida voters. While that  […]

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Florida Supreme Court Approves 15-Week Pro-Life Law

The Florida Supreme Court ruled to allow the state's 15-week abortion ban to take effect while also allowing a broad abortion amendment to be added to the November ballot. The separate rulings uphold Florida's 15-week abortion ban while also clearing the path for a proposal that opponents say could  […]

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Videos Show Planned Parenthood Bypassing Abortion Law

Planned Parenthood officials appear to discuss mutilating the bodies of living babies to bypass federal law against partial-birth abortions in previously unseen undercover videos obtained by the pro-life Center for Medical Progress. "The new videos show Planned Parenthood's financial interest  […]

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Despite Progress, SC Pro-Lifers Want More

It's an odd moment for the anti-abortion movement in South Carolina. Not only is their agenda momentarily stalled in the Legislature, talk of abortion restrictions barely registered during this year's first-in-the-South GOP presidential primary. In contrast to prior years, neither leading candidate  […]

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Baby Olivia Makes Clear What Radicals Want to Hide

Would young women be less likely to engage in sexual relations or abort their baby if they first saw colorful images of a child developing in the womb? Lila Rose, founder of Live Action, thinks so – and the highly effective pro-life organization is working tirelessly to make it a reality. "Baby  […]

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Elective Abortions Being Forced on Doctors

In the latest chapter of the abortion battle, the U.S. Supreme Court will consider whether the federal government can require emergency room physicians to perform abortions. The question centers on what constitutes a medical emergency need for an abortion. Lack of clarity on the issue concerns both  […]

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16 AGs Demand Youtube Drop 'Misleading' Abortion Notice

A coalition of 16 attorneys general has demanded that YouTube remove information labels attached to videos discussing chemical abortions that they argue are "misleading" to viewers. YouTube added an information panel at the bottom of the video stating that "An abortion is a procedure  […]

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South Dakota 'Med Ed' Bill to Clarify Abortion Misinformation

The South Dakota Senate has approved a first-in-the-nation bill designed to inform doctors and medical professionals about the treatments available to pregnant women experiencing health-threatening or life-threatening conditions under abortion restrictions passed at the state level amid what  […]

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No, Abortion Numbers Have Not Necessarily Remained Stable

New data purportedly show that between July 2023 and September 2023 approximately 81,000 to 89,000 abortions were performed every month. According to their report, these figures are comparable to monthly abortion numbers prior to the Dobbs decision. This spin has been eagerly picked up by a number  […]

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