Louisville Council Debates Buffer Zone

After repeated calls from advocates over several years, Louisville Metro Council is poised to debate legislation allowing health care facilities to create "buffer zones" outside their entrances to preserve access to services — and provide protection from COVID-19. EMW Women's Surgical Center regularly draws anti-abortion protesters who congregate on the sidewalks near the facility's entrance, and a Louisville Safety Zone campaign has pleaded with local officials in recent years to create a permanent buffer zone. Read more...

Lawmakers Fight For GOP's Soul In Arizona Senate Primary

The biggest knock-down, drag-out primary election fight among the 90 Arizona Senate and House seats up for grabs in November features two sitting Republican lawmakers in a suburban north Phoenix district battling for the soul of the GOP. Sen. Heather Carter, known as one of the more moderate GOP  […]

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Marshall Introduces Abortion Restriction Bill

Congressman Roger Marshall says he has introduced the Abortion Provider Loan Elimination Act, which prohibits abortion providers from receiving funds through the COVID-19 Paycheck Protection Program and initiates an investigation into how Planned Parenthood received $80 million through the program  […]

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Texas City Becomes Sanctuary for the Unborn

With three city council members voting in approval and two others abstaining, the town of East Mountain passed an ordinance declaring itself a "sanctuary city for the unborn." Located in East Texas near Longview, the small town joins a dozen others in the Lone Star State to have an  […]

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Judge Blocks New Tennessee Abortion Restrictions

A federal judge halted the roll out of a controversial abortion law in Tennessee less than an hour after Gov. Bill Lee signed it into law. Lee signed the state's wide-ranging abortion ban into law — legislation that will enact some of the nation's most restrictive abortion regulations. He signed the  […]

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Judge Okays Abortion Pills Without Doctor Visit

A federal judge agreed to suspend a rule that requires women during the COVID-19 pandemic to visit a hospital, clinic or medical office to obtain an abortion pill. U.S. District Judge Theodore Chuang in Maryland concluded that the "in-person requirements" for patients seeking medication  […]

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Little Sisters Get Big Win in Supreme Court

The Little Sisters of the Poor had a victory at the Supreme Court, nine years into the religious order's bouts of litigation over the Obama-era "contraception mandate" which obliged employers to provide for contraceptive coverage for employees through their health care plans. In a 7-2  […]

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Judge Blocks Iowa 24-Hour Waiting Period

A Johnson County District Court Judge has blocked a mandatory 24-hour waiting period on abortions from taking effect. Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds signed the legislation into law and Planned Parenthood and the ACLU both sued to stop it from taking effect. The ruling from the judge prevents the law  […]

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SCOTUS Ruling Puts Clinic Profits Over Women's Health

Many of the country's leading pro-life advocates said the U.S. Supreme Court's June 29 ruling striking down a Louisiana abortion law puts women's health in danger, allows subpar care of women and gives abortion clinics a pass on "commonsense regulations" for "the sake of profit."  […]

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Supreme Court Strikes Down Louisiana Law

The U.S. Supreme Court struck down a Louisiana law that would have curtailed access to abortions in the state and that was nearly identical to a measure the court overturned in Texas in 2016. The ruling is a win for advocates of abortion access, who feared the case could quickly pave the way for  […]

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