Iowa Plans 'Protect Life Amendment' for 2024 Ballot

Lawmakers and activists opposed to abortion rights say they are on track to put what they call a "Protect Life Amendment" asking voters to declare the Iowa Constitution does not provide a right to abortion on the statewide ballot as early as 2024. Similar versions of the resolution have been advanced by Republicans in the Iowa Senate and Iowa House, and proponents say there is now agreement between the chambers on the wording of the proposal — which must be approved by two consecutive general assemblies before Iowa voters decide whether to amend the constitution. Senate Joint Resolution 2, approved 30-17 on a party-line vote read: "To defend the dignity of all human life, and to protect mothers and unborn children from efforts to expand abortion even to the day of birth, we the people of the State of Iowa declare that this Constitution shall not be construed to recognize, grant, or secure a right to abortion or to require the public funding of abortion." Read more...

Lubbock Voters Pass 'Sanctuary for the Unborn' Ordiance

Lubbock voters backed a "sanctuary city for the unborn" ordinance that tries to outlaw abortions in the city's limits, likely prompting a lawsuit over what opponents say is an unconstitutional ban on the procedure. The unofficial vote, 62% for and 38% against the measure, comes less than a  […]

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Arizona Bans Abortions Based on 'Genetic Abnormalities'

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey signed into law a measure banning abortions performed strictly on the basis of genetic disorders detected in the fetus, such as Down syndrome or cystic fibrosis, unless the condition is considered lethal. The bill, approved in Arizona's Republican-controlled legislature  […]

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Idaho Governor Signs 'Heartbeat' Bill

Idaho became the second state this week to enact a so-called heartbeat ban -- a law barring most abortions at the onset of a fetal heartbeat, which can occur as early as six weeks into a pregnancy and before many people know they are pregnant. The Idaho bill -- which states that it will go into  […]

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3 Oklahoma Abortion Bills Signed Into Law

Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt signed three anti-abortion bills into law, including ones to criminalize the procedure in certain cases and cost providers their medical licenses for performing them. The Republican-controlled Senate passed measures requiring physicians who perform abortions to be certified  […]

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Parker: The Sin of Planned Parenthood Is Abortion

The problem today is not what was but what is. The "sin" of Planned Parenthood is its horrible work in leading the nation in the destruction of human life. Per its annual report, in fiscal year 2019-2020, Planned Parenthood performed 354,871 abortions. This is roughly one-third of all  […]

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Tennessee House Passes Fetal Burial Bill

Medical providers in Tennessee would be required to cremate or bury fetal remains from surgical abortions under legislation advanced by the GOP-controlled House. The proposal has sparked criticism among reproductive rights advocates, who argue such measures — which have been enacted in other  […]

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Aiming for a Challenge to Roe v. Wade?

In 2021, 44 states introduced more than 470 measures aimed at limiting abortion, an increase over previous years. The initiatives are multifaceted. One of the seven abortion bills recently passed by the Texas Senate bans abortions as early as six weeks into a pregnancy. An Indiana law prohibits the  […]

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Indiana Law Requires Notorized Parental Consent

A bill that would require minors to clear an additional hurdle to get an abortion is on its way to Gov. Eric Holcomb's desk for consideration. Under House Bill 1577, parents would have to get their signatures notarized after signing permission slips for their minor children to receive abortions. The  […]

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Missouri Senate Drops Amendment That Would Fund Abortions

Key Republicans are lobbying fellow GOP lawmakers to nix an amendment attached to a Senate bill relating to Medicaid taxes hospitals pay that would bar the use of public money for "contraceptive treatments," including abortion. Majority Floor Leader Sen. Caleb Rowden, Columbia, Senate  […]

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