Religion Aside, Abortion Is Inarguably a Moral Choice

Abortion is important to believers, but it is not just a religious issue. Rather, it raises three questions that are fundamental to human existence: What constitutes human life? When does personal human life begin? And how much protection does nascent human life deserve? Any decision we make that  […]

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'Safe Abortion Day' - a Contradiction in Terms

Pro-lifers have strongly criticised the so-called 'International Safe Abortion Day', saying the term 'safe abortion' is a contradiction. Alithea Williams, Campaigns Assistant at SPUC, said: "'Safe abortion' is a contradiction in terms. No procedure that intentionally results in the death of at  […]

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Amy Coney Barrett's Judicial Abortion Record

Amy Coney Barrett, Mr. Trump's Supreme Court nomination, meets the president's unprecedented anti-abortion rights litmus test. The federal judge has referred to abortion as "always immoral" and offers something a former top candidate, Barbara Lagoa, doesn't: A clear anti-abortion rights  […]

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Lib Media Tries to Downplay Abortion Issue

While The Washington Post was reminding its readers that abortion is not the only election issue and USA Today lamented the potential loss of federal funds for abortion mills, National Public Radio claimed that that abortion issue is really no big deal for the vast majority of voters. Read more...  

Abortion: How Do Trump and Biden's Policies Compare?

Abortion is arguably the most divisive issue in US politics - and with the presidential candidates promising to either revoke national rights to abortion or take extra steps to safeguard it, the stakes have never been higher. With President Trump in the White House, anti-abortion activists are  […]

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Bishops Praise Trump's Defunding of Fetal Tissue Research

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) chairman has praised the Trump administration for their decision to withhold federal funding from proposals that would use fetal tissue. The Trump administration recommended that the National Institutes of Health Human Fetal Tissue Research Ethics  […]

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Pro-Life Advocate Patricia Kelly Dead at 88

Patricia Kelly, a tireless advocate for the pro-life cause whose gentle but persistent lobbying efforts helped secure a ban on physician-assisted suicide in Maryland, died Sept. 4 at Portumna, her family farm in Carroll County. She was 88 and had been in declining health in recent years. A mother of  […]

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GOP Senators Want Abortion Pill Classified as 'Dangerous'

Twenty Republican senators sent a letter to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) asking that the abortion pill be deemed dangerous. The letter centers around a drug taken to abort an early pregnancy known as Mifeprex or by its generic name mifepristone. Led by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), the  […]

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TN City Settles Abortion Zoning Lawsuit

The Mt. Juliet Board of Commissioners agreed to pay out $225,000 in a settlement with local abortion clinic Carafem during its latest meeting, ending a legal battle dating back to December 2019. Commissioners previously repealed an ordinance that effectively banned surgical abortions in the city  […]

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