Appeals Court Upholds Missouri Abortion-Law Injunction

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt said his office will seek a U.S. Supreme Court review of a U.S. 8th Circuit Court of Appeals' ruling that upholds an injunction prohibiting the state from implementing a 2019 abortion law. A three-judge 8th Circuit panel heard arguments in September and handed  […]

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47 Percent Think Abortion Is Morally Acceptable

Americans are sharply divided in their abortion views, including on its morality, with an equal split between those who believe it is morally acceptable and those who say it is morally wrong. The 47% who say it is acceptable is, by two percentage points, the highest Gallup has recorded in two  […]

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California Moves to Make Abortion Cheaper

Even as most states are trying to make it harder to get an abortion, California could make it free for more people. State lawmakers are debating a bill to eliminate out-of-pocket expenses like copays and payments toward deductibles for abortions and related services, such as counseling. The measure,  […]

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