Do-It-Yourself Abortions With No Medical Oversight

Joe Biden's Food & Drug Administration (FDA) severely weakened longstanding federal safety regulations on chemical abortion drugs. In addition, the Senate last week held a rushed hearing to consider Robert M. Califf, former Food and Drug Administration commissioner under Barack Obama, for the  […]

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Biden Administration Makes Access to Abortion Pills Easier

US President Joe Biden's administration ruled that abortion pills would be available by mail permanently, not just during the Covid pandemic. An earlier in-person requirement had been criticised not only by activist groups such as the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) but also by health groups  […]

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Pro-Life Laws Have Impact on State Abortion Rates

A recent study showed that the Texas law has reduced abortion in the state by 50% since it first went into effect in September. And an analysis of other pro-life laws, including those related to abortion funding and informed consent, reveals that these measures have had a demonstrable impact in  […]

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Woman Rejects Abortion After Seeing Pro-Life Sign

A young pregnant woman in Saskatchewan decided not to abort her baby after seeing a pro-life advocate witnessing to life outside of a provincial hospital where abortions are committed. Barney Sullivan, 71, told Campaign Life Coalition that he was standing outside of Saskatoon City Hospital, where  […]

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Wisconsin Gov. Evers Vetoes Several Pro-Life Bills

The Democratic governor of Wisconsin struck down a suite of pro-life bills passed by the GOP-controlled state legislature, promising to do the same for any anti-abortion bills in the future. Gov. Tony Evers dismissed a slew of bills aimed at curbing abortion within the state, citing his commitment  […]

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Supreme Court Holds Signs of Hope for Pro-Life Evangelicals

After a long-awaited challenge to Roe v. Wade made it to the US Supreme Court on, pro-life evangelicals who had rallied for the cause for decades were encouraged that the conservative-leaning court appeared willing to uphold a contentious Mississippi law that bans abortion after 15 weeks. The  […]

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