Pro-Death Advocates Attack Georgia Abortion Law

Both sides in the legal battle over Georgia’s 2019 law banning most abortions after about six weeks into a pregnancy made their cases during a trial in state court this week. While the General Assembly enacted the abortion law three years ago, federal court rulings prevented it from taking effect  […]

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Kentucky Abortion Vote Will Test Support for Post-Roe State Bans

An abortion rights vote in Kentucky on Nov. 8 will determine if the conservative state becomes Kansas 2.0. Kentucky voters are being asked to amend the state's constitution to say residents do not have a right to abortions, three months after voters in Kansas soundly rejected a similar ballot  […]

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Nevada State Website Blasts Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Before launching his "information page," Nevada Gov. Sisolak should have done more due diligence regarding pregnancy centers. Rather than attack pregnancy centers, he should have invited their representatives to contribute to the information being provided to pregnant women considering  […]

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Prosecuting the Pro-Lifers: A Politicized FBI Cracks Down

Since the Dobbs decision leaked six months ago, we have been told over and over again that it would be positively un-American to bring criminal charges against doctors who perform abortions. But prosecuting everyday Americans who exercise their free speech rights to protest or engage in sidewalk  […]

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California Churches Battle Abortion Ballot Measure

Bishops and other clergy from California's dozen Catholic dioceses and archdioceses — spanning Sacramento to Fresno, Monterey to San Bernardino — have released videos to speak directly to the faithful, sometimes in multiple languages, about their concerns that the Prop 1 initiative would remove all  […]

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