Feb. 21 Election Could Decide Wisconsin’s Pro-Life Future

Wisconsin pro-lifers face critical tests of their ability to shape abortion policy in the Badger State in two judicial elections on Feb. 21 and April 4 which could shift the balance of the state Supreme Court in favor of abortion. Currently split 4-3 in a pro-life direction, the retirement of Justice Patience Roggensack opens the way for the bench to flip pro-abortion ahead of a major case headed for the tribunal. Section 940.04 of Wisconsin Statutes, originally enacted in 1849, prohibits abortion except to prevent the death of the mother. Although Roe v. Wade made the law unenforceable, the June 2022 Dobbs decision allowed Wisconsin to restore its pre-1973 statute. Democrat Gov. Tony Evers and State Attorney General Josh Kaul have been in court since last June, seeking to have 940.04 thrown out. <B><a href="https://www.ncregister.com/blog/wisconsin-feb-21-election">Read more...</A></B></p>

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