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Biden's Justice Department Unjustly Persecutes Pro-Life Activists

Facing over 10 years in federal prison, Lauren Handy, Will Goodman, John Hinshaw, Heather Idoni, and Herb Geraghty are currently detained in prison without bail as they await sentencing. This trial was a sham and made a mockery of our justice system. These activists are heroes who used nonviolent  […]

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On Abortion, How Do We Get to Unthinkable?

After more than five decades of legal abortion, the majority of Americans no longer recoil in revulsion at the very idea of killing unborn babies in their own mothers' wombs. Unfortunately, for far too long, courtesy of the flawed Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision that Dobbs overturned in June  […]

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Gallup Poll Shows Gain in Pro-Life Sentiment

Gallup released the results of the abortion questions that were included in their annual Values and Beliefs Survey. Overall, the results contain some good news for pro-lifers. The findings indicate that 41 percent of Americans identify as "pro-life." This is an increase of four percentage  […]

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Abortion and The Inconvenient Truth

With the compliance and funding of the US government, the multi-billion-dollar abortion industry killed over 63 million babies in 50 years. Babies were dismembered alive. Saline injections melted tiny bodies. They were stabbed in the brain with scissors during partial-birth abortions. Sixty-three  […]

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A New Poll Shows Strong Support for Pro-Life Policies

The Knights of Columbus released the results of their annual Marist poll on sanctity-of-life issues. They surveyed 1025 adults between January 6 and January 9 of this year. Unlike many other abortion surveys, they ask questions about a wide range of abortion policies. These Knights of Columbus polls  […]

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Tennesseans Misunderstand Abortion Law, Want Exceptions

Most registered voters in Tennessee want exceptions for rape or incest in the state's sweeping abortion ban, but they largely don't know the specifics of what's in the law as it stands today, according to new Vanderbilt University polling. The disconnect comes in a state that votes consistently for  […]

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